How To Make Media More Effective for Cross-Device Marketing

Getting a message across to customers has been more complex. The rise of cross device access to media raises some intriguing strategic questions.

Bill Kee, Google’s group product manager for attribution, highlighted a critical one during his presentation at the 2017 Google Marketing Next conference. He explained that ad frequency can lead to an ineffective message for a customer.  “If I am on three devices, and if I see your ad five times,” Kee said, “it means you’ve reached me 15 times….believe me I get it.”

Thus the “golden snitch” among marketers today is planning media to be effective across devices.  There are plenty of ways to do so, but there a few specific actions which aid in  hunting the “snitch”.  Let’s look at some analytics related ideas as starter.

Evaluate analytic reporting and minimize last click analysis

Many analytics reports have been updated to consider more factors in attribution – the act of determining channels that contribute to ROI. In times past it was solely about comparing one channel versus another – now it’s about comparing how each channel contributes to each step of the customer journey. This is achieved with reports that combine metrics from the various solutions.

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