As the nation’s leading independent agency specializing in the technology sector, PR-Zone’s list of clients range from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing startups. The agency’s expertise in leading-edge technologies combined with a vast network of key market influencers continues to bring unprecedented results to its many clients.

Partial Client List

Partner Programs Managed by PR-Zone:

THX Ltd. Google
The SaF App Microsoft
United Nations World Food Program USA Delta Airlines
HomeAdvisor Sony
AEE Aviation Technology Paramount Pictures
Onēva Disney
VMware Sega
Streem Nintendo
Korus Wireless SKAA-based Personal Speakers (A Core Brands Nortek-owned company) Cisco
Mobiles Republic (News Republic) HTC
AppyGeek Lenovo
AppyGamer Samsung
Sports Republic Asus
GlamLife apps for Apple Android and Windows mobile devices) Verizon
Henge Docks NBC Studios
Dude Perfect app for iOS devices (Blackbox Entertainment) Nokia
Virtrue Cox
3G Studios Comcast
SanDisk AT&T
SugarSync cloud storage Best Buy
BitTorrent Amazon
Cirrus Logic Brocade
Hewlett-Packard Fujitsu Softek
Novell Offerpop
NetGravity (now DoubleClick) HearNotes
Mindscape ( now Broderbund/Mattel) Nortek Tech Solutions Group
Furman Sound
GoBeam and Softnet Broadband Systems (ISP Channel)
Laptop Lanes
Absolute Entertainment (Nintendo and Sega games).