How To Make Media More Effective for Cross-Device Marketing

Getting a message across to customers has been more complex. The rise of cross device access to media raises some intriguing strategic questions. Bill Kee, Google’s group product manager for attribution, highlighted a critical one during his presentation at the 2017 Google Marketing Next conference. He explained that ad frequency can lead to an ineffective message for […]

Leadership ABCs—The Little Things Make a Big Difference

Reprinted with Permission By Catherine A. Parrish Twenty years ago, after years of working as a leader in humanitarian organizations with operations all over the world, I was asked to take on a project to improve the communication, collaboration, and partnership among the executives of a large corporation. These individuals were highly accomplished, educated, and renowned […]

3 Reasons No Money Is No Barrier to Starting Your Business

More people are starting new businesses than ever before. That’s not because all of a sudden this year more folks have better ideas than in years past. It’s because the barriers to creating a new business have never been lower. Technology has broken down the walls and empowered anyone to start a business of any […]